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Lincoln University Launches Mobile App for Alumni Magazine and Other Publications

by Courtesy of HBCU News

    Lincoln University (Courtesy Image)
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There’s now an app for Lincoln University’s numerous publications.

The READ LINCOLN Mobile App, which was released March 13, includes the LINCOLN LION, its biannual alumni magazine, and later, the quarterly, Lincoln Review newsletter as well as its subsequent publications.

The mobile app, which is compatible with iPhone and Android smart phones, was created for the university by Global Design Interactive, featuring the newly-redesigned 32-page alumni magazine with the initial install.

“While some may opt for print versions, the creation of the READ LINCOLN Mobile App offers an environmentally-conscious and convenient option to access our publications,” Eric Christopher Webb, Lincoln’s Director of Communications and Public Relations said in a statement. “But for the most part, it provides a greater opportunity to expose others outside the Lincoln University community to the achievements and contributions of our alumni, students and faculty which continues to advance our legacy of excellence.”

To install the mobile app, open the web browser on your smart phone or tablet and type in the following link:

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