SNL Spoofs Baltimore Police


By Sean Yoes, Baltimore AFRO Editor, syoes@

A series of Baltimore Police Department (BPD) scandals since the death of Freddie Gray in police custody and the subsequent uprising, have garnered national headlines. But, over the weekend the negative national commentary on Baltimore police misconduct reached a new level.

Oct. 13, “Saturday Night Live,” the NBC comedy institution took aim at the BPD with a skit called, “Thirsty Cops.” In the vignette, two Black female police officers wearing uniforms adorned with BPD patches, pull over a White male driver. That’s when the comedy hijinks begins.

“Saturday Night Live,” the NBC comedy institution took aim at the Baltimore Police Department with a skit called, “Thirsty Cops.” (Screengrab)

Cop 1: “Sir, just stand over here we’re going to ask you a couple of questions. You’re in a lot of trouble sir.”

Driver: “I know, I know.”

Cop 2: “Okay well, since you know so much, do you know why we stopped you?”

Driver: “I guess I missed the stop sign back there?”

Cop1: “Yeah, that’s right you did. And do you know why we asked you out of your car?”

Driver: “Not really.”

Cop 2: “Because you fine as hell, that’s why.”

The two fictitious cops played by Leslie Jones and Ego Nwodim continue with their outlandish flirtations with the driver played by Seth Meyers, until a White female officer, played by Kate McKinnon joins in the fun.

Driver: “Thank God you’re here officer, these two are being very inappropriate.”

Cop 3: “What’s inappropriate sir is you walking around with that a**,” McKinnon said with an exaggerated Baltimore accent.

The skit featuring buffoonish behavior of Baltimore female police officers lasts for almost four minutes and makes fun of the brazen examples of misconduct exhibited by the BPD over the last three years, which have plagued a police department seemingly out of control. A Baltimore police officer discovered drunk and slumped over in his police cruiser earlier this month is the latest episode of egregious misconduct by a BPD officer. He was terminated within 24 hours of the incident.

But, now the BPD has become a punchline for the longest running comedy in television history.

A request for comment to the BPD regarding the SNL skit was not returned by the time this story was published.