White-Supremacists Race War
Robert C. Doyle, 34, Ronald Beasley Chaney III, 33 and Charles D. Halderman, 30. (Handout Photos)

Authorities in Virginia have arrested three so-called White supremacists who were reportedly preparing to trigger a “race war” that would involve attacks against Black churches and synagogues, according to the Associated Press.

Robert C. Doyle, 34, and Ronald Beasley Chaney III, 33, were detained after they attempted to purchase weapons and explosives from three undercover agents posing as illegal firearms dealers, the AP reported, citing an affidavit filed Nov. 9 in U.S. District Court in Richmond.

A third associate, Charles D. Halderman, 30, is accused of plotting to rob a jeweler to help finance the enterprise, including purchasing land and stockpiling weapons for the anticipated “race war,” the five-page affidavit alleges.

All three men are felons with multiple previous convictions, authorities said. Doyle and Chaney are now charged with conspiracy to possess firearms after being convicted of felonies. Halderman is charged with a robbery conspiracy.

In the affidavit, FBI agent James R. Rudisill said the FBI learned of a Sept. 27 meeting at Doyle’s home “to discuss acting out in furtherance of their extremist beliefs by shooting or bombing the occupants of Black churches and Jewish synagogues, conducting acts of violence against persons of the Jewish faith, and doing harm to a gun store owner in the state of Oklahoma.”

A month following the culmination of that meeting, Doyle and Chaney met with an undercover agent to discuss the weapons purchase.

In a Nov. 8 raid, federal agents recovered more than 30 rounds of .45 caliber ammunition from Doyle’s home. One of the firearms he purchased from the undercover agents was a .45 pistol with silencer.

A similar search at Chaney’s home resulted in the arrests of his father 58-year-old Ronald Beasley Chaney Jr., and 52-year-old Terry Gunn Chaney on drug and firearms offenses.

Rudisill said Doyle and Chaney are adherents of Odinism or Asatrú, a contemporary iteration of an ancient European religion that reveres Nordic gods such as Odin and Thor.

According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, the neo-pagan religion is spreading among skinheads and neo-Nazis, particularly among White supremacists in prison. For example, Frazier Glenn Cross, the former KKK and White Patriot Party leader convicted of killing three people outside Jewish organizations in 2014, is a heathen—as Odinists call themselves.

“Odinism! This was the religion for a strong heroic people, the Germanic people, from whose loins we all descended, be we German, English, Scott, Irish, or Scandinavian, in whole or in part,” Cross wrote in his online autobiography A White Man Speaks Out. “Odin! Odin! Odin! Was the battle cry of our ancestors; their light eyes ablaze with the glare of the predator, as they swept over and conquered the decadent multi-racial Roman Empire. And Valhalla does not accept Negroes. There’s a sign over the pearly gates there which reads, ‘Whites only.’